CosMedicİstanbul is a private aesthetic plastic surgery clinic founded 2004 by Mustafa Tercan, Prof. Dr.
Mustafa Tercan, born 1966, was graduated from Ankara University Faculty of medicine in 1989.
He graduated as a plastic surgery specialist in 1996.

Prof Dr Mustafa Tercan

He worked as a lecturer and chief of the plastic surgery department in university hospitals and state hospitals in Istanbul.

He is currently working as a lecturer at university in istanbul and private practice.
Dr. Tercan has published a book, estetik cerrahinin sırları (secret of aesthetic surgery in 2004), and lots of scientific articles.

Dr. Tercan has 25 years of experience in plastic surgery.

Main interests;

Breast aesthetics
Rhinoplasty and face aesthetics
Body contour
Vaser liposuction
Male genital aesthetic

Dr. Tercan is also a consultant plastic surgeon in Dubai and Baku.

Assoc. Prof Tolga Aksan

Tolga Aksan, Assist. Prof., Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery specialist.
Tolga Aksan has 6 years experience in plastic surgery.

Main interests;

Aesthetic surgery
Breast recosntruction
Breast aesthetic
Migren surgery
Hand surgery