Wrinkle treatment with your own fat through lipofilling
Facial rejuvenation using Facial Autograft Muscle Injection

Not only the slow loss of fatty tissue in the face area, but also the gradual breakdown of the facial muscles is one of the causes of the progressive aging process on the face. If the activity of some facial muscles diminishes, the result can be varied: deep nasolabial folds or a narrow, wrinkled upper lip can develop, hollow cheeks or hanging cheeks can form. If one were to perform face lifting on such patients, it would look rather mask-like and rigid without building up volume. This is remedied by a combined therapy: wrinkle treatment with autologous fat through lipofilling and at the same time a volume build-up of the receded, atrophied facial muscles using the FAMI technique. This leads to a clearly recognizable facial rejuvenation.

About the method: FAMI as a minimally invasive technique

FAMI (facial autograft muscle injection) is a restorative, slightly invasive therapy by implanting autologous fat on the facial muscles to build up the aged face. The face is built up harmoniously, whereby care should be taken not to overstretch the skin and not to make it look like a mask. As a result, the FAMI treatment restores beauty and youth to the face and lets it appear three-dimensionally, including in depth, through the fullness of the mouth and lip area and through firm, high-lying cheeks.

FAMI – is a two-part treatment

With the FAMI wrinkle treatment method, the first step is to remove fat from a body region with excess fatty tissue, such as from the area of ​​the hip or abdomen. After the extracted adipose tissue has been processed, it is injected into the weakened facial muscles in a second step. This builds it up.

What is the difference between lipofilling (autologous fat injection) and FAMI therapy?
With autologous fat injection (lipofilling), autologous fat is implemented in the wrinkles itself and replaces the missing volume. With the FAMI technique, on the other hand, the body’s own fat is injected into a heavily circulated area, into the muscle tissue. The injected adipose tissue grows in pretty well where there are many capillary blood vessels, because the lively metabolism ensures the survival of the fat cells here. The result is an appealing result that lasts for a long time and can be corrected as required over the years. This method was developed by the French doctor Dr. Roger Amar developed and used for the first time.