Penis length is considered parallel to its function in some of the men and they become anxiety when they are not in the desired size.

Men may worry about their penis length. In most studies, penis length was reported to be 7.5-10.5 cm, and 12-18 cm (mean 13 cm) when stimulated. When it is less than 10 cm, micropenis is mentioned.

In overweight people, the pubis area is oily, so the penis remains hidden in this area, and although it is of normal size, it can give a micropenis appearance.

It is not correct to think that penis enlargement will stimulate the partner more unless the penis is micropenis. In women, the orgasm does not depend on the deep penetration or the large penis.

Depending on the technique applied, the penis can be enlarged by an average of 2-3 cm. It is noticeable when growth is not more active. These operations will not provide much growth in the stimulated state. The operation lasts an average of 2 hours. A week later it can be returned to work but the relationship can be started after 4 weeks.

We use dermal fat graft technique for permanent results. Because only fat injection for penil enlargement is not permanent and the cosmetic results are not good. For this reason we developed stripped dermal fat graft technique about 15 years ago.


We operated many patients and we and the patients were happy for results. We are taking skin with fat from the patients one groin region and inserted it into the penis. At the same time we make elongation about 2-3 cm penis length. We cuts the suspansory ligament of penis for elongation.

In general the patients stay at hospital 1 or 2 days . Only a linear scar can be permanent on the groin or may be invisible in time.

permanent penil enlargement surgery_1
Dermal fat graft taking from groin
permanent penil enlargement surgery_3
Suspensory ligament release for penil elongation

We works with first class CJI certificated hospital.

Hospital staying : 1 or 2 days
Anaesthetia : General Anaesthesia
Operation time : 2-2.5 hours

First dressing change: 5-6 days after operation

Work out after operation : about 3-4 weeks

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