CosMedicİstanbul is a private aesthetic plastic surgery clinic founded 2004 by Mustafa Tercan, Prof. Dr.
Mustafa Tercan, born 1966, was graduated from Ankara University Faculty of medicine in 1989.
He graduated as a plastic surgery specialist in 1996.

He worked as a lecturer and chief of the plastic surgery department at university hospitals and state hospitals in Istanbul.

He is currently working as a lecturer at university in istanbul and private practice.
Dr. Tercan has published a book, Estetik Cerrahinin Sırları (secret of aesthetic surgery in 2004), and lots of scientific articles.

Dr. Tercan has 25 years of experience in plastic surgery.

Dr. Tercan is the inventor of External Breast Sizer.

Main interests;

Breast aesthetics
Rhinoplasty and face aesthetics
Body contour
Vaser liposuction
Male genital aesthetic

Dr. Tercan is also a consultant plastic surgeon in Dubai and Baku.

Scientific publications