All hand disorders are treated in the Department of Hand Surgery at the CosMedicistanbul Clinic. This includes both the consequences of accidents and congenital pathologies, as well as diseases that – like arthrosis – are consequences of age. Common clinical pictures are a. the carpal tunnel syndrome, the “jumping finger” or Dupuytren’s disease.

Particular emphasis is placed on treatment

• the rheumatic hand
• child malformations
• peripheral nerve surgery / microsurgery

Conservative and surgical treatment

Not every hand disease has to be operated on the same way. What is medically necessary? What makes the patient and his symptoms special? What individual wishes and needs does he have? The answers to these questions help us to define a treatment concept together with you. Conservative therapy is also supervised by the hand surgery department.

Outpatient and inpatient treatment

If surgical therapy is nevertheless necessary, this is not necessarily associated with an inpatient stay. Because many hand surgery patients can be treated as part of an outpatient procedure. If the severity of the hand disease and / or concomitant illness requires inpatient admission, the Department of Hand Surgery enables fluid transitions. Advantage for the patient: the treating doctors remain the same.

Overview of medical services

Tendon gliding disorders (e.g. fast fingers, tightness of the 1st extensor compartment)
M. Dupuytren
Wear-related (arthrosis) damage
Resection arthroplasty of the thumb saddle joint
Artificial finger joints
Child malformation
Pressure damage to nerves (e.g. carpal tunnel syndrome, sulcus ulnaris syndrome, Wartenberg syndrome and scar-related nerve damage)
Hand damage due to infection
Bone structure disorders
Circulatory disorders (e.g. lunate malacia)
Bone tumors (e.g. enchondroma)
Accidental hand damage
Fractures of the bones, including the formation of the false joint (pseudarthrosis)
Tendon injuries, ligament injuries
nerve injuries
Loss of the skin / soft shell

Treatment options

Peripheral nerve surgery
Therapy of nerve pressure damage
Microsurgical restoration of accidental nerve damage (including nerve transplants and neurotizations)
Motor replacement surgery for nerve and muscle failures
Rheumatoid hand surgery
Tendon surgery
Removal of chronic rheumatic tissue
Removal of rheumatoid nodules
Removal of inflamed inner skin of the joint (synovitis)
Artificial joints
Restoring the alignment of the joints