Transgender mastectomy

Removal of the breasts is referred to  “subcutaneous mastectomy”. It involves removing tissue from the mammary glands and  excess skin around the breasts.  The minimum age requirement is 17 years old.


During this operation, the patient obtains a male rib cage through the removal of all the tissues of the mammary glands and, if necessary, reduction in the size of the nipples and areolas in combination with a correction of the breast. Depending on the size of the breasts, excess skin, elasticity of the skin, nipples and areolas, different techniques are used to perform this operation (see illustrations to the right). If the breasts are small and the skin is elastic, a small incision in the lower edge of the areola may be sufficient. In this case, almost no scar will be visible after the procedure. In case of more generous breasts and more abundant skin excess or sagging tissue, it is also necessary to correct the skin excess, which requires making either a circular incision all around the areola, or a longer incision under the breast.
The possible general complications caused by this operation are hemorrhages and infections. It is also possible that the nipples develop differently from each other during healing and scars remain visible. The less elastic the skin, the greater the risk of complications and scarring. It is therefore strongly recommended not to apply pressure the breasts, with bandages for example, because by flattening the breasts you stretch the skin. If you really want to hide your breasts, we recommend swimsuits specially designed for this purpose.


The duration of hospitalization for this procedure is 1 day. The recovery period is a few weeks.

Transgender mastectomy

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